The Coexist collection was born while I was studying and working in Istanbul. I am dedicated to the art, historical costume, kaftans, and ornaments  of the Ottoman Empire; and I am particularly inspired by the mutual influence from both continents, Europe and Asia. My diploma project was the result of 2 years of research brought together and culminated in a woman’s wear collection of 15 outfits illustrating the most significant details of the topic. My favorite part is an ornament, which is very interconnected with Islam. I chose two flowers: the carnation, and the tulip. I took these two organic silhouettes and translated them into the garment, print, and embroidery. The color pallet is in black shades to achieve a modern appearance.  I used two printing techniques. I have chosen screen printing for the large jacket to create an imitation of a gold brocade. Sublimation print was used on several sleeveless shirts and pants. The print was a photograph taken by myself in an impecunious part of Istanbul. The collection also ensembles blouses inspired by historical kaftans. Cotton and silk fabrics were emphasized. The collection was presented at Prague Fashion Week in 2014.